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Written by Ann Murphy   
Saturday, 02 February 2013 11:06
Speaker:  Dr. James Green, Director, NASA Planetary Sciences Division
2013-01-26 –January Special Meeting, Officer for the Meeting: Ian Hewlett
This was a very special meeting for the RAC club and for the public.  Dr. James Green was our guest speaker.  There were many people from the club and from the public that attended.  It was held in the auditorium in the museum.  Afterwards there were questions and some give aways.
The presentation was about the recent and future happenings in space.  NASA has many exciting missions in progress.  In addition, there are many natural events happening in our solar system – some not to be missed events.  The first event that he brought up was the Venus transit of 2012.  This was a much watched event, in fact it was more watched than the last shuttle launch.   This transit was important, since it was a rare event.  You will not be able to see another one until December 2117.  It was watched by the public, amateur astronomers and professional astronomers.  This was important not only for the awe factor, but for the scientific value as well. 
This can help us study exoplanets, by knowing what one of our planets look like as it passed by the sun.
Other natural events to watch out for are the comet ISON and the comet Hartley 2.  Both prove to be interesting studies.  Of course there are several missions that are studying the planets Mars and Jupiter and the Moon.  He went over these missions in
detail and what we hoped to learn about them. 
The talk was very interesting and covered the topic of what we are learning about science well.
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