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Thu Jul 24 @ 6:00PM
Title 1 School Night
Fri Jul 25 @ 6:00PM
RAC Observing Session (RACOBS)
Thu Jul 31 @ 7:00PM
Getting Started in Astro-imaging - Free Workshop
Thu Aug 14 @ 7:00PM
RAC Meeting
Fri Aug 15 @ 8:30PM
Public Observing - Art in the Evening
Thu Aug 21 @ 7:00PM
RAC Imaging Meeting



The next RAC Observing Session (RACOBS) is scheduled for Friday, July 25th, 2014 at 8:00pm. Check back after 6 PM on the day of the observing session for go/no-go status and times.

July Meeting: A Galaxy Full of Exoplanets
ExoplanettalkSpeaker: Brian Reasor

2014-07-10 – July Meeting, Officer for the Meeting: Brian Reasor

Congratulations to everyone attending the July RAC meeting in spite of torrential rain showers. A number of folks jumped into their amphibious  vehicles and made their way downtown to the museum for the meeting.

The presentation for the July meeting was an overview of Exoplanets. The slide-talk and video pulled together Exoplanet topics such as how many are known to exist (1700+) and where they are located (mostly within 500 light years of our sun).

Space Without The Space

Click for larger  This is pretty interesting illustration by Randall Munroe of how much solid surface there is in our solar system.  As best as I can guess the illustration includes the solid surface under liquid bodies.  You can read more at  http://io9.com/a-map-showing-all-the-solar-systems-solid-surfaces-stit-1598999931, a post by George Dvorsky.


2014 International Sun-Day
Click for largerSeveral Raleigh Astronomy Club members supported the International Sun-Day events at the North of Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  

At the start of the event (12 noon) the weather was not at all cooperative with almost 100% cloud cover.  However holes in the clouds began to appear by 2pm and by 3pm we started to get some solar observing in.  The sun was somewhat quite today without a lot of activity / sun spots.  By around 3:30 we were able to start noticing a sun spot near top edge of the sun.

June Meeting: NEAF and Southern Star
Speakers: Mark Lang and Phyllis Lang

2014-06-12 – June Meeting, Officer for the Meeting: Chris Cole

The two speakers – Mark Lang and Phyllis Lang gave an excellent presentation on these two conventions.  The first was NEAF.  This is stands for the North Eastern Astronomy Forum.  This was held in Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY on April 12 and 13 of this year.  It was organized this year by the Rockland Astronomy Club (RAC).   There were many vendors selling all sorts of astronomy equipment.  Phyllis sells astronomy planning software and had a booth.  The event itself had many good speakers and presenters as well.  The pair took a good deal of pictures so the audience could get a feel for the conference.  The audience asked questions and the lecture was very interactive.


Using Filters to Exploit Light Visually and Photographically

For the May indoor meeting, RAC member Chris Cole had a very interesting presentation on the different planetary filters and their uses.  The presentation used images (from both Chris' personal collection and NASA) to compare the effects of various filters including colored wratten, UV, and IR filters.  He also discussed what types of objects and conditions benefited from using these filters. Chris Cole had many of the filters he talked about and he demonstrated them to the audience. There were a lot of questions and comments from the audience.

ample of Filter Presentation
Boy Scout Observing Session

On Saturday, April 26, several astronomers from RAC and CHAOS traveled down to Camp Durant near Carthage, NC to support the Cub-aroo event for the Boy Scouts of America. The event including day and night time observing, as well as lectures. There were five astronomers for solar observing and lecturing, and three astronomers for night time observing. Despite being plagued with clouds, some good views of the Mars and Jupiter.

Mike Keefe Lecturing to Scouts
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