Constitutional Amendment Vote: The voting for the constitutional amendment to introduce consecutive term limits for officers is now open on the web site to registered members. We will have an in-person vote at the December 11th meeting.


The next RAC Observing Session (RACOBS) is scheduled for Friday, October 24th, 2014 at 7:30pm. Check back after 5 PM on the day of the observing session for go/no-go status and times.


RAC members, for a list of up coming Public Observing Events for which you can volunteer to support, please click > HERE

RAC At The ASTC 2014 Conference

The Raleigh Astronomy Club participated in the ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers) 2014 Annual Conference this past weekend. This in an international conference and this year it was hosted by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. The conference was held at the Raleigh Convention Center and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. RAC was enlisted to provide help for both the welcome party and the museum open house day. Members provided both daytime (solar) and nighttime observing for the attendees. Many thanks to the RAC members who provided great views for everyone, especially those that worked late into Saturday night/Sunday AM!

Evening Observing at ASTC Welcome Party Solar Observing at ASTC Museum Open House Day
Introduction to BackyardEOS

The October Imaging Group Meeting at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences featured Guylain Rochon speaking on his excellent program for astrophotography, BackyardEOS. Speaking to us from his basement in Canada, Guylain showed the finer features of using the program and explained some of the design decisions. He also discussed some of the coming features of the program. Everyone in attendance felt like they learned many new things about using the program capture great images.

Guylain Rochon, Author of BackyardEOS Screenshot of BackyardEOS
Partial Solar Eclipse this Thursday October 23rd 2014

If the weather cooperates and you have an unobstructed view of the horizon, you should be able to catch some of the partial solar eclipse this Thursday, the 23rd. For our area, it's going to happen near the end of the day and low on the horizon.  The direction to look is roughly 252deg(NW). The partial eclipse begins around 6:00pm EST, at around an altitude of 4.7deg. If you're up high enough, you should be able to get a few minutes of viewing before the sun falls below the horizon at around 6:27pm.

Mike Mantini

October Meeting: Making a film for IMAX in your basement

Speaker: Stephen van Vuuren

Our October meeting featured Stephen van Vuuren describing his fascinating multi-year project to produce a science documentary for IMAX and other giant screen theaters titled In Saturn's Rings. This amazing film is made entirely with real imagery from the Cassini Saturn probe, Hubble Space Telescope and other space missions. In Saturn's Rings provides stunning images of the Earth, Moon, Milky Way and an eye-popping fly-through of Saturn's system - all in 6K resolution.

Edge-on view of Saturn's ringsStephen van Vuuren

Lunar Eclipse Images

HDR Panel By Chris ColeAlthough some clouds threatened the viewing, North Carolina observers were able to see the lunar eclipse in the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 8. Because the eclipse would be occurring as the moon is setting in our location, you needed a very low western horizon to see totality. Raleigh Astronomy Club members and many others were able to get some very good images of the event. Click the read more link for even more views!

Fall Observing Season in Full Swing

With the arrival of fall weather and clearer skies, RAC has been busy with a number of public outreach events in recent weeks with more to come.

Public Stargaze: Annie Wilkerson Nature Preserve

On Saturday, Oct 4th, RAC held a public observing session at the Annie Wilkerson Nature Preserve in North Raleigh. Skies were clear and about 50 guests showed up for an evening of mostly Moon viewing; but also Mars, Albireo, the M31 Andromeda galaxy and a number of Messier open and globular clusters. We had a big turnout from club members who did a great job showing off the night sky to our guests. Many thanks to Matt Lochansky, Mike Mantini, Ian Hewitt, Ann Murphy, Doug Lively, Ron Monti, Steve Christensen, Don Morris, Mike Keefe, Brian Reasor, John Sadler, Corky Brunskill, Chris Mohr and park staff for all their hard work.

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