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Thu Oct 15 @ 7:00PM
RAC Imaging Meeting-canceled
Thu Oct 22 @ 7:00PM
Indoor RAC Meeting: Pluto Revealed
Fri Nov 13 @ 6:00PM
RAC Observing Session (RACOBS)
Thu Nov 19 @ 7:00PM
RAC Imaging Meeting


NC Museum of Art Observing Session

The Raleigh Astronomy Club and Morehead planetarium partnered with North Carolina Museum of Art for the 2015 Stargazing in the Museum Park member event. In addition to beverages supplied by local breweries, the crowd of over 300 enjoyed clear cool skies and views of the International Space Station (ISS), M13, the Moon, and Saturn. Saturn was definitely the crowd favorite with multiple scopes providing views of the ringed planet in white light and through colored filters (like orange to enhace the bands on the surface).

2015 Stargazing in the Museum Park Banner (Courtesy of the NCMA)
Perseid Meteor Week and July RACOBS

The Perseid metor shower is one of the better showers of the year. This year's event was widely anticipated because the Moon did not interfere with the veiwing. Here in Raleigh, we were doubly luck as some cooler drier weather also happened to settle into the area making conditions very good indeed. Many members and public got some gret views due to a public observing session by Morehead Planetarium, a RAC impromptu observing session, and the regulary scheduled RACOBS

Perseid Meteor (Courtesy of Steve Christensen)
Unraveling Starlight: July 2015 Indoor Meeting

The RAC July Indoor meeting featured a presentation by Dr. Barbara Becker on her resaerch into the life and accomplishments of British amateur astronomers William and Margaret Huggins in the 19th century work. In a time when amateurs did a great deal of the astronomical work, this husband/wife team did pioneering work in the field of spectroscopy. Much of modern astronomy is rooted in spectral analysis of the light from stars, nebula, galaxies and many other objects and their contributions made significant progress to the state of the art.

Unraveling Starlight Book Cover
Eyepiece Cleaning Clinic

Several members of RAC (and a couple from CHAOS) joined Jim Pressley and Phyllis Lang at the NCSU Crafts Center Saturday for an informal eyepice cleaning clinic. Supplies and refreshments were provided for attendees who brought an eyepiece or two for cleaning.

Photo by Michael Mantini

Pluto Animation

Pluto has very much been on everyone's mind this week with all the information from NASA's New Horizons mission that has been released this week. Long time RAC member Mark Lang took advantage of the skies during the July RAC observing session to build his own very cool animation of Pluto taken from here in North Carolina. Please note, you need to click the image to see the animation.

Pluto Animation by Mark Lang
July 2015 RACOBS

Although it was warm and muggy and sky conditions not optimal, the July outdoor observing session offered a chance for some summer season observing for about a dozen RAC members. Some members even took advantage of the conditions to get some imaging time, including this spectacular photograph of the Globular Cluster M13 in Hercules by Steve Christensen (Image Used With Permission).

M13 and Surrounding Area, Image Courtesy of Steve Christensen
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